How to care for your mink lashes


Gently remove glue using tweezers. AVOID using your nails to rip off glue from your lashes. For stubborn glue gently apply water, makeup remover, or micellar water to the lash band ONLY using a Q-tip. Let soak for a few seconds and remove now-loose glue using tweezers. Avoid getting any water or makeup remover on the lash hairs or tip of lashes as it may cause them to lose shape.

To clean lash hairs that may have gotten powder on them, use a damp makeup remover wipe and gently wipe lash with wipe wrapped around fingers. Use a curling motion to allow the lashes to keep their shape.


You may gently remove your lashes using your fingers, however if the lash glue is stubborn, twist a bit of makeup remover on lash band near your lash line using a Q-tip and allow to soak for a few seconds. This should ease the glue for easy removal.


Store your lashes using the round tray insert the lashes came with. The tray will allow the lashes to keep their shape. If the lashes have trouble sticking to the tray you may apply a tiny amount of clear lash glue to the tray to help them stay in the tray. Place lashes in your luxurious Glam Me Up Lash box to keep dust and dirt off the lashes.


      Sorry this is not an answer, but a question…
       I too would like to know what glue Thania uses as well! Beginner …, who gets frustrated with drugstore lashes….. thinking of buying her lashes, but have no idea which glue is the best?  Thank you!

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